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“Every moment, every detail, captured forever”

In my mind nothing is more powerful than a beautiful photograph. A wall of memorable pictures of life’s most precious moments is the most valuable and inspiring art you can display.

My name is Emmanuel Zacharakis. I am a Montreal-based photographer who offers various photographic services. I have completed a bachelor degree at Concordia University, as well as a diploma in Photography and Digital Photographic Imaging (Photoshop).

Every photographer has his/her own philosophy of how to take pictures. Many have a heavy trigger finger and take dozens of pictures of the same shot and presume that there are a couple of good ones in there. My talent lies in being able to identify those special moments precisely and capturing them. I prefer to give a client fewer incredible pictures than volumes of mediocre ones. My philosophy is, imagine it’s me. What would I want if I were the client? Well if it were me, I would want fewer pictures but of a higher standard; pictures that I could frame and put up on my wall. It’s one thing for a client to tell you that they like your pictures, it’s another to see your work hanging on their wall. That’s when I know that I’ve done my job as a photographer.
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